Where is The Regeneration printed?

The Regeneration Magazine is printed in Northport, New York by Eco Friendly Printer on 100 % recycled FSC certified stock. We plant a tree for every copy sold.

Where are the trees planted?

They are planted by TreeEra in the Pacific Northwest, usually in areas affected by wildfires.

How often do you produce the print magazine?

Twice a year, but we’re hoping to go seasonal.

What’s else do you do?

We also do sustainability consulting and marketing partnerships . We host events, workshops, talks and are planning on launching an e-commerce store and physical store in 2019.

Is The Regeneration an independently owned publication?

It is owned co-operatively by the people who have put years of sweat equity into its inception.

What about copyright?

That belongs to the contributor of the respective article. All original content published here shall not be published elsewhere without our consent. Feel free to reference us or share our content on social media as much as you’d like, with proper attributions.