Influencers you should follow this spring to make your year greener.

Social media platforms are saturated by influencers who try to influence you to expand your consumption behavior. As we know, over-consumption is a huge problem for our planet. Thankfully, there is growing group of influencers who want you to think more consciously about your lifestyle and how you engage with our political system. Do you need some badass eco-inspiration in your life? These awesome individuals are some of The Regeneration’s favorite influencers that inspire us every day to live more holistic, greener lives.

Deborah Shepherd


Deborah Shepherd has the most awesome minimalist wardrobe. As a writer, youtuber, and speaker she touches on of mental health awareness, making money, and minimalist living. She’s been documenting her journey of decluttering, prioritizing self-care, and getting debt-free. Now, she helps spiritual women see the abundance in their life through minimalism, mental health, and money strategies. She also sells Broke Not Broken merch, which supports the suicide hotline. If she’s not the right kind of influencer, we don’t know who is.

Deborah Shepherd.png

Lucy Biggers


Lucy Biggers is a sustainability producer and host at Now This, which means that she talks about straws much more than she ever imagined she would. She uses video journalism to highlight critical stories about sustainability, which she now does through a series called One Small Step, in which she highlights environmental issues and proposes small solutions everyone can manage.

Lucy Biggers.png

Devin James Gilmartin


Devin is the co-founder of Querencia Studio and The Canvas. Querenica Studio is a fashion brand addressing the social and environmental issues facing the fashion industry and The Canvas is a physical space by Querencia where sustainable, ethical and other brands and creatives come together to come up with solutions for our world’s challenges.

devin james gilmartin.png

Anne Therese


As a former model herself, Anne Therese was frustrated with the model industry. Many of the companies she worked for didn’t share her values. She wanted to use her platform as a model to support good companies and figured that if she wanted that, there would be other models feeling the same way. So she started Role Models Management, a modeleling agency that pairs brands with social and ethical influencers. Besides running this company, she hosts a podcast, called Hey Change, on which she discusses sustainable living with her guests.

Anne Therese bengtsson role model management.png

Stevie van Horn


It’s hard not to feel love for our planet, animals and ourself when looking at Stevie’s positive content. With a smile that never leaves her face, she promotes a greener lifestyle, and looks awesome doing it. She also created an earth-friendly face lotion, called YAYFOREARTH, which is packed with ingredients that serve an actual purpose. Quick question: If we use it, will we radiate as much positivity as Stevie?


Summer Rayne Oakes


If you aren’t a plant-lover already, Summer Rayne Oaks will make you one. Her feed is overwhelmingly green and features the prettiest plants and tips on how to take care of them. On her website, Homestead Brooklyn, you’ll find all the plant information you might ever need. She likes to come up with creative solutions to the environmental challenges our planet is facing. And she wants to help people who have a never-ending craving for sweets to eat healthy though her platform and book, Suger Detox Me.

summer rayne oaks.png

Laura Baross


When Laura realized she can contribute to a greener tomorrow through her work, she started DESIGN \\' CARE, an earth-friendly design platform that prioritizes sustainably sourced materials and works exclusively with environmentally conscious design brands. Plus, she’s an incredible photographer.

laura baross.png

Dominique Drakeford


Dominique Drakeford doesn’t just promote the importance of sustainability, but also actively calls for racial equality in the fashion industry. She’s the founder of Melanin And Sustainable Style (MelaninASS) an evolutionary platform that discusses the issues and celebrates the success of communities of color in sustainable fashion and beauty spaces. She is giving the ethical industry an authentic and culturally relevant voice. Through their platform they elevate discussions with pioneers who stylishly empower communities and cultivate change. 

dominique drakeford.png

Renee Elizabeth Peters


Renee Peters is a model and runs a website called Model For Green Living, on which she promotes, you guessed it, a green lifestyle. On her Instagram account, she features definitions of important terms within the sustainability sphere, pictures of things she does to live more sustainably and photos of herself wearing sustainable brands.

Elizabeth peters.png

Lilian Liu


Lilian Liu is all about sustainable fashion and her influence reaches far beyond her social media — she is involved with the UN! She’s also the co-founder of fashion brand Fauna.

Lilian Liu.png

Safia Minney


Safia Minney was an early adapter in the sustainable fashion world. She is the founder of fashion brand People Tree, was featured in the documentary The True Cost, wrote several books about slow fashion, and is an avid slow fashion activist.


Kamea Chayne


Kaméa Chayne is an integrative health coach, creative, author of Thrive, curator of, and host and producer of the Green Dreamer Podcast. With everything she does, she wants to help changemakers thrive. Her Instagram feed is a beautifully curated collection of sustainable fashion brands, clean beauty products and eco-friendly products.

kamea chayne.png

Philip Anthony Mangan


As his Instagram handle might betray, Philip Anthony Mangan is a vegan model. He uses his online platform as a way to inspire others to buy sustainable products and stop eating meat. On his blog, All That Sustains, he writes about ethical menswear, healthy food and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

vegan model.png

Florine Hofmann


Florine loves to write about lifestyle, travel, fashion and food — all from an eco-friendly perspective. She writes about her journey to a sustainable lifestyle on her website The Wasted Blog. She covers everything from sustainable travel tips to style inspiration posts. On Instagram, expect to see a very honest look into a her everyday life.

florine wasted blog.png

Alea Rain


Alea Rain is a model, director, dancer, actress and activist who wants us to love each other and our planet. Her pictures come with inspirational quotes about how we should live our lives.

alea rain.png

Rachel Baree


Rachel Bare is the founder of Simply Bare, a shop that sells beautiful conscious products and holistic experiences, like tea ceremonies. On her personal Instagram page, she shows her followers how she lives a sustainable and low-waste life.

rachel bare.png

Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs


It’s hard to describe Tabitha in one sentence, since she wears so many hats. She’s a designer, activist, organizer and artist. She created Tabii Just, a ethically-made, zero-waste womenswear label; she co-founded LIVARI, another ethical clothing brand; she was one of the women who spearheaded the Women’s March in 2017; she is now the Women’s March’s Youth Director; she leads several other youth initiatives; and she is the coordinator of the EMPOWER toolkit. Pfff we’re out of breath summing this up, and we’ve only scratched the surface. Via her Instagram, you’ll be able to stay up to date of all the important things she’s doing.

tabitha st bernard-jacobs.png

Kasha Cabato


Kasha Cabato takes her followers along on her journey to make sustainability stylish. Seems to us like she’s very far along on that journey.

kasha cabato.png

Laura Wells


Laura Wells is a body-positive model who also happens to be a marine biologist and activist. She promotes sustainable fashion — especially swimwear — and informs her followers of everything they need to know about ocean preservation.

laura wells.png

Phoebe Lloyd


Phoebe is a climate activist who shows her followers what her life looks like on a daily basis. On her website, BareChange, she shares her journey of living an eco-friendly lifestyle and encourages her readers to do the same. She shares products she loves, information you should know, and magazines you have to read. ;)

bare change.png


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