Posts in Issue No.4
L. Hunter Lovins knows we can go 100% renewable. Here's what it will take.

L. Hunter Lovins, the president and founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions, explains why we can and should go 100 percent renewable. We have the technologies to solve the worst of the crises facing us and to buy the time to deal with the rest. The crises we face and the inevitability of change means that we will also have the opportunity to reinvent everything.

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Plastic bans: questions and strategies to consider when launching your own plastic campaign.

After California, New York will be the second state to implement a plastic bag ban. Starting March 2020, single-use plastic bags will no longer be tolerated. Hallelujah! This news made us want to revisit a piece we published in Issue No. 4, in which Davis Burroughs and Mary Madison Andrews discuss the questions around plastic bans and strategies to launch your own plastic campaign.

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Young people are speaking. Listen up.

A 6-year-old boy stands on a small stage. Gaze fixed on the audience, he says: “I came to talk to you about how sacred the earth is.” Fast forward 12 years, and that boy is still at a microphone with a story to tell. Only now, the words tumble from his mouth in rhythmic procession, gliding between melodies as they rise and fall to a beat. Xiuhtezcatl (shu-TEZ-kaht) Martinez is a hip-hop artist and indigenous environmental activist.

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