Posts in Issue No. 2
Dune Ives, Director of Lonely Whale, wants you to #stopsucking.

As the former head of Paul Allen's Vulcan Philanthropy, Dune Ives has designed and overseen change-making initiatives that address key drivers of environmental degradation and species decline. Ives holds her Ph.D. in psychology, is co-founder of the Green Sports Alliance and an inaugural member of Al Gore’s The Climate Reality Project. Ives and I sat down to discuss the Lonely Whale, #StopSucking and ways to prevent plastic from getting into our oceans. 

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Uniting the climate movement: evangelical environmentalism and Project Drawdown with Katherine Wilkinson

Katharine Wilkinson brings an interdisciplinary background to Project Drawdown that cuts across sustainability, strategy and thought leadership. Previously, Wilkinson was the director of strategy at the purpose consultancy BrightHouse. She has also taught at the University of Oxford and worked for the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Boston Consulting Group. Wilkinson sat down for a conversation about her work helping to bring Paul Hawken's vision to life, as she drives the project forward, forging partnerships around the world.

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